Who We Are?

Safahat Publishers & Distributors it came to you from the countries of the East, to Sweden and all European countries, carrying with it more than twenty-five years of experience in the field of printing, publishing and distribution, reinforced by the long experience of its founder and cadres, and by the high youth and enthusiasm, to be always with you striving to provide the best that Arab publishing houses can provide In our Arab world, with the aim of expanding your knowledge and strengthening your own libraries in countries of expatriate and asylum.

Safahat Publishers & Distributors specializes in distributing the Arabic book, its slogan is “Towards a renewed civilized thought”. From the first day of its launch, it has sought to provide more than 15k title، they were chosen from over 200 Arabic Publishers، and that is in various fields and specialties and for different age groups, especially children, for whom we have carefully selected what will benefit them from the new publications.

Safahat Publishers & Distributors as a publishing house, it provides an opportunity for writers, researchers and translators wishing to publish their creations, books and translations, inviting them to communicate with the Department of Publication on the e-mail of the Publishing Department, with our assurance that we are committed to concluding our contracts according to official agreements and principles.

Our institution specializes in holding exhibitions of Arabic books in all Scandinavian and European countries, after the owners of them gained more than two decades of experience in this field due to our permanent participation in specialized and international book fairs in our Arab world. During the years 2019-2020, she held and participated in 13 book fairs in European cities.

Safahat Publishers & Distributors are the perfect choice for every Arabic speaker (The language of ض) in Sweden and all European countries.

For wholesale dealings, contact the following number

+(46) 760749350

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For general inquiries, contact the following Email

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